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Julian Baker
Julian Baker

[S1E1] Episode One

Many people, a lot of drama, and so much more to be revealed in upcoming episodes. You're not alone if you found the first episode a bit frantic but felt nothing much happened. Check back next week, and we'll work through this Hotel Portofino journey together.

[S1E1] Episode One

In this episode of Hotel Portofino, Nish embarks on a new relationship, Danioni continues his campaign of blackmail against the Ainsworths, and Lucian and Constance's bond grows deeper.

When leaving Mitch's office later, Mike and Kyle are approached by a desperate mom looking to get help from the Mayor. Kyle tells her that she's got the wrong guy because the Mayor's dead, but she begs for help anyway. The episode ends when Mike asks her who needs help. Officially taking on the mantle of Mayor, Mike picks up where his brother left off.

In the first episode of season one, Rob talks to Martin J Cowling.Martin has worked in the community sector for over 35 years as a volunteer, hands-on manager, leader, researcher and consultant. He has worked from small grassroots organisations through to being head of Australia's largest not for profit.He believes that people are the key to an organisation's success and he is passionate about ensuring that staff (both paid and unpaid) have mutually beneficial relationships and contribute to making lasting positive change. Today, Martin works with organisations globally to respond to change and prepare for the future. He mentors, coaches and trains their leaders and leadership teams to be as effective as possible in these turbulent times.In his conversation with Rob, Martin shares his thoughts on what advanced volunteer management really is and what we need to consider when raising our game in working with volunteers.You can connect with Martin on LinkedIn at by Zen_Man from Pixabay 041b061a72


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