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And now, the final question, and perhaps the most important and enlightening one. My motivations, or why I am doing this. Here at last is an answer I can give without imprecision. I am not whole in the way that others are. I am not significant in the way that others are. I am unable to affect the world in the way others are. In the most literal sense, I am a person without importance or influence - a nobody. All my efforts are an attempt to resist my very nature and undermine these truths about myself. Like all sentient beings, I desire my existence to have meaning.


This concept was also attempted to be displayed in some other features about his character. For example, in these stories, Nobody mirrors the appearance and personality of whoever he interacts with. Rather than always appearing as an old man in a suit, he literally blends into his surroundings, always appearing as just another nobody. I feel that this really helps sell the drama of his condition, as he is not even able to generate his own emotions and personality.

"Before we were going through this season, if you asked any of the guys on this team who owned any of those records, nobody would know, because nobody cares. Because it's not about the regular season," Marchand said. "As soon as somebody brings it up, it's in one ear and out the other."

"If you win the Presidents' Trophy but you don't win the Cup, nobody cares. That's what we know on this team," said Marchand, who was doing publicity for Twisted Tea's limited edition Frozen Cherry flavor this week.

The Golden State Warriors public relations team is distancing the franchise from minority owner, Chamath Palihapitiya, after the billionaire boldly stated "nobody cares" about the Uyghur genocide in China on Saturday.

On July 20, 2022, the Great Socialist Cat Memes Facebook page shared a meme that was titled, "Nobody Wants to Work Anymore." The meme was described as "a brief history of capitalists complaining that nobody wants to work for starvation wages."

The meme and thread supposedly showed 14 clippings from articles that were printed between the years of 1894 and 2022, all of which appeared to display people expressing the general opinion that "nobody wants to work anymore." Some of the articles showed the exact words from the top of the meme and thread, while others displayed a variation of the belief. The idea of the meme and thread was to show that, in each of the 14 years displayed, the person who either said or wrote the opinion appeared to believe it to be a novel thought.

The clipping from 2006 came from a question that was sent by a reader to the Ventura County Star in California. It read, "I can't believe the bad luck I have had in trying to find someone to do some needed home improvements. It almost seems like nobody wants to work anymore and when they do work, they take no pride in what they do. How does one find a dependable worker?"

The Alabama newspaper The Evergreen Courant once printed what appeared to be a letter from a reader that said, "I heard somebody say the other day that everybody was getting too darned lazy and nobody wants to work anymore. That's the truth if I ever heard it."

What is the cause of unemployment and hard times? The manufacturer and business men say it is because nobody wants to work anymore unless they can be paid enough wages to work half of the time and loaf half of the time. The working man says that hard times are caused by the determined stand the employers have made to beat down wages. Now why is it these things exist during a Republican administration?

"Well, as near as I can find out," he answered, "the reason for food scarcity is that nobody wants to work as hard as they used to. I asked a man who was in here the other day, why he didn't raise more livestock and make his own butter."

In 1894 the Rooks County Record in Stockton, Kansas, published a letter sent in by a reader. "With all of the mines of the country shut down by strikers, what will the poor editor do for coal next winter? It is becoming apparent that nobody wants to work these hard times."

The nobody user is a pseudo user in many Unixes and Linux distributions. According to the Linux Standard Base, the nobody user and its group are an optional mnemonic user and group. That user is meant to represent the user with the least permissions on the system. In the best case that user and its group are not assigned to any file or directory (as owner). This user is in his corresponding group that is (according to LSB) also called "nobody" and in no other group.

In earlier Unixes and Linux distributions daemon (for example a webserver) were called under the nobody user. If a malicious user gained control over such a daemon, the damage he can perform is limited to what the daemon can. But the problem is, when there are multiple daemons running with the nobody user, this has no sense anymore. That's why today such daemons have their own user.

The nobody user should have no shell assigned to it. Different distributions handle that in different ways: some refer to /sbin/nologin that prints a message; some refer to /bin/false that simply exits with 1 (false); or some just disable the user in /etc/shadow.

According to Linux Standard Base, the nobody user is "Used by NFS". In fact the NFS daemon is one of the few that still needs the nobody user. If the owner of a file or directory in a mounted NFS share doesn't exist at the local system, it is replaced by the nobody user and its group. 041b061a72


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