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Watch Teri Meherbaniyan Online: The Story of a Loyal Dog and His Master

Teri Meherbaniyan 1985 720p 17: A Review of the Classic Hindi Film

If you are a fan of Hindi cinema, you must have heard of Teri Meherbaniyan, a 1985 film that starred Jackie Shroff and Poonam Dhillon in the lead roles. The film was directed by Vijay Reddy and produced by K.C. Bokadia. The film was a remake of a Kannada film called Thaliya Bhagya. The film was about a loyal dog named Moti who avenges the murder of his master Ram by the villains. The film was a surprise hit of 1985 and received positive reviews from critics and audiences. The film also won several awards and nominations, including the Filmfare Award for Best Performance by a Dog.

Teri Meherbaniyan 1985 720p 17

In this article, we will review the classic Hindi film Teri Meherbaniyan 1985 720p 17, and explore its story, cast, crew, reception, impact, and legacy. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the film. So, let's get started!


What is Teri Meherbaniyan? Teri Meherbaniyan is a Hindi film that was released on November 1, 1985. The film belongs to the genre of action, drama, and romance. The film is also known for its emotional and sentimental appeal, as it portrays the bond between a man and his dog.

Who are the main actors and director? The film stars Jackie Shroff as Ram, a kind-hearted and brave young man who helps the poor and oppressed villagers against the tyranny of Thakur Vijay Singh, played by Amrish Puri. Poonam Dhillon plays Bijli, a beautiful dancer who falls in love with Ram. Brownie plays Moti, Ram's faithful dog who witnesses his master's murder and seeks revenge. The film also features Asrani, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Kader Khan, Satyendra Kapoor, Swapna, Vikas Anand, and others in supporting roles. The film was directed by Vijay Reddy, who also directed films like Pyar Jhukta Nahin and Geraftaar.

What is the plot summary? The film revolves around Ram, who lives in a village with his dog Moti. He works as a boatman and helps the villagers in their problems. He also opposes Thakur Vijay Singh, a cruel landlord who exploits and oppresses the villagers. Ram falls in love with Bijli, a dancer who performs in Thakur's mansion. Thakur also lusts after Bijli and tries to force himself on her. Ram rescues Bijli from Thakur's clutches and marries her. Thakur becomes furious and plots to kill Ram. He hires Gopi, Ram's lookalike and a criminal, to impersonate Ram and commit crimes in his name. He then kills Ram in front of Moti and frames Gopi for the murder. Moti escapes from Thakur's men and vows to avenge his master's death. He starts killing Thakur's henchmen one by one and exposes Thakur's crimes to the police and the villagers. He also reunites Bijli with Gopi, who turns out to be Ram's long-lost twin brother. In the end, Moti confronts Thakur and kills him by biting his neck.

Why is it a classic film? Teri Meherbaniyan is considered a classic film because of its unique and touching story of a dog's loyalty and courage. The film also showcases Jackie Shroff's acting skills and charisma as he plays both Ram and Gopi. The film also has some memorable songs composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal and sung by Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Shabbir Kumar, Suresh Wadkar, Anuradha Paudwal, and others. The film also has some thrilling action scenes and emotional moments that keep the viewers hooked.

The Story of Teri Meherbaniyan

How does Ram meet Bijli and Moti? Ram meets Bijli when he saves her from drowning in the river. He takes her to his hut and nurses her back to health. He also teaches her how to read and write. Bijli falls in love with Ram for his kindness and simplicity. She also becomes friends with Moti, who is very protective of Ram.

Ram meets Moti when he finds him injured on the road. He takes him to his hut and treats his wounds. He also names him Moti, meaning pearl, because of his white fur. Moti becomes very loyal to Ram and follows him everywhere.

How does Ram help the villagers against Thakur Vijay Singh?

Ram helps the villagers against Thakur Vijay Singh by standing up for their rights and dignity. He challenges Thakur's authority and exposes his corruption and cruelty. He also organizes the villagers to protest against Thakur's illegal taxes and land grabbing.

He also helps the villagers in their personal and social issues. He helps a widow named Laxmi to get justice for her husband's murder by Thakur's men. He helps a young couple named Raju and Radha to get married despite Thakur's opposition. He helps a poor farmer named Shambhu to get his land back from Thakur. He also helps a school teacher named Masterji to run his school and educate the children.

How does Ram die and how is Gopi framed?

Ram dies when Thakur Vijay Singh hires Gopi, a criminal who looks exactly like Ram, to impersonate him and commit crimes in his name. Thakur also bribes the police inspector to arrest Gopi as Ram. Thakur then invites Ram to his mansion and kills him in front of Moti, who is tied up and unable to help. Thakur then dumps Ram's body in the river and declares that he has killed Ram for his crimes.

Gopi is framed for Ram's murder when Thakur plants Ram's belongings and blood stains on him. He also makes sure that no one sees Gopi's face clearly, so that they mistake him for Ram. Gopi is arrested by the police and taken to the court, where he pleads innocent but no one believes him. He is sentenced to death by hanging.

How does Moti take revenge on the villains?

Moti takes revenge on the villains by escaping from Thakur's men and tracking them down one by one. He kills Thakur's henchmen by biting, scratching, or pushing them off cliffs or bridges. He also leaves clues for the police and the villagers to expose Thakur's crimes. He also saves Gopi from being hanged by biting the rope and freeing him.

He then leads Gopi and Bijli to Thakur's mansion, where they confront Thakur and his remaining men. Moti fights with Thakur's dog, Sheru, and kills him. Gopi fights with Thakur and his men, and kills them all. Moti then attacks Thakur and bites his neck, killing him. Moti then reunites with Bijli and Gopi, who hug him and thank him for his bravery.

The Cast and Crew of Teri Meherbaniyan

Who played Ram, Bijli, Moti, Thakur Vijay Singh, and other characters? The cast of Teri Meherbaniyan was as follows:




Jackie Shroff


Poonam Dhillon



Thakur Vijay Singh

Amrish Puri




Vikas Anand


Sonia Sahni



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