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Snake Battle Cats Serial Code ~REPACK~

The Battle Cats is a tower defense game where the player selects a team of in-game unlockable "cats" with different stat amounts to defeat enemies in order to protect their base (called "Cat Base"). The gameplay involves sending a wide roster of cats out onto a 2D battlefield to defend the Cat Base. The enemies may have in-game traits such as "Red", "Floating", "Black", "Metal", "Alien", "Starred Aliens" (which fall under the Alien category), "Angel", "Zombie", "Aku", "Relic", and "Behemoth".[5] Enemies without a trait are considered "Traitless" enemies.

snake battle cats serial code

Fighting in battle requires "energy", which slowly regenerates over time. Every one minute, one energy is recovered (the energy recovery rate can be sped up with treasures, up to 1 energy every 30 seconds). The app requires an internet connection in order for energy to update, but if the app has already been opened, the energy amount increases without internet. Max energy can be raised with upgrades and treasures. The player can bring items into the battle that assist such as "Sniper the Cat," a tool that pushes enemies back from the base and deals small damage, and "Cat CPU," a tool that automatically deploys specific cats as soon as money is available, and so on. Some of the stages have special restrictions such as "Special and Rare Cats only."(That mostly applying to "4 crown" stages, formerly known as "4 star stages")[15][16] The battle takes place on a 2D plane with the player's base on the right, and the enemy base on the left. The player gains a continuous stream of money, which can be spent to either deploy cats or to upgrade the money production speed along with the maximum amount of money you can receive in a game. Deploying cats requires a cooldown, which can be reduced by upgrades and treasures, and "Cat Combos".[17] The battle ends when one of the bases is destroyed. Winning the battle in the main story chapters (1-9) gives the player a chance to get a treasure. Collecting all of them can buff cats' abilities and can also enhance other game mechanics, such as decreased energy recharge time. There are three levels of treasure: Inferior, Normal, and Superior, with an Inferior treasure being the weakest and Superior treasure being the strongest.[18] Players can replay stages to get all the treasures. Players can also use a Treasure Radar powerup to have a 100% chance to get a superior treasure if they complete the battle. The treasure radar can also be used to get a reward in certain stages such as a true form or new unit.

Gamatoto is an expedition minigame where the player sends out servant cats to search for different resources such as XP, Cat Food and various boost items (speed-up, rich cat, cat cpu, etc) which can be used in the battle for various purposes, like the Cat jobs, which increases the amount of XP you receive in a stage by 1.5 times.[20] There are 5 levels of Gamatoto helpers that each give a boost to item drop rates, and can be identified by the color of their hats, with white being the lowest and the color of the legend rare crystals being the best (although you do have to obtain 10 golden helpers to get one).

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