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He accompanies Ginyu in confronting Goku, after Ginyu reads Goku's power Jeice comments on how it seemed weird. Ginyu berates Jeice for relying too much on his scouter by stating that Goku is probably capable of suppressing his true power for when he needed it. Ginyu estimated Goku's power to be 60,000 as Jeice is in disbelief at the reading but Ginyu says he might actually have a worthy battle. When the battle between Captain Ginyu and Goku commences, Jeice remains on the sidelines as a spectator, apart from one instance when he interferes, stepping in and trying to help Ginyu by firing a beam at Goku, distracting him while Ginyu grabbed him. This results in Captain Ginyu releasing Goku from his grip, warning Jeice never to meddle again while he is in combat, or he will get into deep trouble. Jeice then watches Goku use Kaio-ken to power up and is shocked as his power level increases even going pass Ginyu's power level. He then understands how Goku was able to beat him and his comrades as he calls the Saiyan a monster and is shocked when Goku exits the form and says he can go even higher than that. When Ginyu calls out to Jeice, the latter catches his scouter and watches Ginyu injures himself and uses his Body Change to steal Goku's body.

Watch ugm01



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