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When you need labels for plastic lunchboxes or snack containers, a large name label will make sure they're easy to find and, even better, easy to return. Or use it on a drink bottle to make it easy to spot after sports days and events.

buy name labels


Large labels/stickers come in seven different shapes and sizes, and each package contains three squares at 2 2 inches (6 6 cm), eight squares at 1.4 1.4 inches (3,6 3,6 cm), eight squares at 1.8 1.8 inches (3 3 cm), one circle with a diameter of 2.7 inches (7 cm), six circles with a diameter of 1.4 inches (3,7 cm), four rectangles at 2.4 0.67 inches (6 1,7 cm) and three rectangles at 2 0.55 inches (5 1,4 cm).

You can expect to receive your name labels within 7-20 business days with our Standard free shipping (plus 1-3 days of production time) and 1-3 business days with our express shipping (plus 1-3 days of production time). If you haven't received your order within the estimated delivery time, please contact us at [email protected].

These school labels are a must-have! My son was always coming home with less items than what I sent him to school with. Now, with these great name tags on all of his stuff, everything always returns back home. Not only do they help him keep track of everything, but my son loves that they are a fun and easy way to label school supplies! He was so excited to choose the design too. We will be definitely be purchasing more next school year!

My son loves basketball and when I saw these name labels I knew I had to get them! You can really tell they were made with a lot of care. I had been looking for labels so I could label the food containers, and bottles my kid takes to daycare. I customized the labels with his name and I am still so amazed that these labels do not come off in the dishwasher or the laundry machine! Five stars from me!

Name Bubbles is on a mission to create amazing labels for everyday life! In 2012, our Founder and President, Michelle Brandriss created Name Bubbles as a way to help other fellow moms and dads stay organized. You may know the story of how Michelle sent her son off to daycare and started to realize half the things she packed for him never returned home! After trial (and error) with the tape and permanent marker method, our waterproof and laundry-proof labels were born! Want to learn more about how our label magic happens? Check out this video here!

A legible, strong-sticking label can mean the difference between a brand-new backpack lasting out the school year versus languishing in a lost-and-found bin. After plastering two water bottles, a nylon lunch box, several food container lids, and a few T-shirts with seven kinds of labels and putting them through a combined total of 24 wash cycles, we found that the Name Bubbles School Labels (in a pack of 76) are the best preprinted labels to put on kids clothes and gear.

We spent three hours researching labels for this guide, including informally surveying more than a dozen parents, reading reviews on parenting websites Mommy Poppins and Cool Mom Picks and determining which labels are the most popular and best rated by users on Amazon and Google.

Labels like this can also work well for the adult children of elderly parents who are going into a nursing home or assisted-living facility and need to have labels on most of their possessions, or for adults who have trouble keeping track of their own belongings at the gym or yoga studio.

Not be impossible to remove when necessary: Some companies say their labels are permanent, but many parents find that they eventually do want to take off the labels, either to pass along outgrown clothes or to hand down an item to a younger sibling. Ideally, it should be easy to remove labels without leaving any residue, but not so easy that a younger child could remove one by themselves.

We noted how easy or difficult each pack was to select and order, how long it took to arrive, and what the labels were like to apply. Then, we spent 36 hours testing the labels, sticking them to a metal water bottle, a plastic water bottle, a nylon lunch box, three different food container lids, clothing tags, and the inside of a T-shirt. We washed and dried everything at least 12 times, and then put each label to the scratch test: My 4-year-old tried to pick and scratch each one off without any adult interference.

Nearly all of the stick-on clothing labels we looked at sailed through testing when stuck on a clothing tag. But the Avery labels clearly performed the best out of all the labels we tested, including those from Name Bubbles and Label Daddy, when stuck directly on tagless clothing. While none of our picks fell off after being stuck directly to a tagless T-shirt and then washed and dried 12 times, it was clear that the Avery label had the firmest seal with the fabric, followed by Name Bubbles and then Label Daddy.

The labels are great for everything we need at daycare, from clothes, to lunch boxes to shoes! We have put them in the dishwasher and laundry and they don't fall off - over 1 year later! I am going to be ordering more soon :)

These labels are amazing for Back to School & throughout the school year. They are completely water proof and the dishwasher cannot destroy the labels! They are great for labeling all of your children's water bottles, lunch containers, etc...

With Tinyme name labels you won't have to worry about your labels peeling or fading. Our kids labels are designed to be very durable, and they'll hold up against whatever punishment your kids subject them to. Our adhesive labels stick fast, and our iron-on clothing labels stay exactly where they're meant to. Our vinyl labels are waterproof and scratch-resistant, and they're also microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and even freezer-safe. What's not to love?!

FedEx Express is a 1-3 business day service from despatch of your order. The Name Label Company heavily subsidizes the FedEx Express service and we have had a 97% on-time delivery in the past 24 months. We are one of the fastest to produce labels so we want to provide the quickest and most cost effective shipping as possible. No signature required.

Aiming to hold your hand from day care through to later life with all the fun bits in between like school, camp and college. We also specialize in labels for people with special needs, disabilities and care and nursing facilities.

The Care Home Label Company is operated by The Name Label Company. We are dedicated to supplying labels that are specialised for the Care and Nursing Home environment. All the labels in the range have been tried and tested in Care / Nursing Homes giving you peace of mind that they work! You can be directed to this dedicated site if you click on the image above.

Label Daddy has been parents' leading choice for camps and school labels for over a decade. We offer quality-designed, washable, peel-and-stick personalized labels for school, camp, preschool, daycare, sports and more! Label Daddy Labels were created with you, the parents, in mind. We bet you came here cause you are tired of wasting money on lost stuff. No more lost items with our waterproof, ultra durable name stickers.

One of our most popular label collections is our school label collection. Our personalized name labels for school are the perfect solution to keep your kids' items out of the lost and found. School labels can be used to label small school supplies, notebooks, binders, jackets, lunchboxes, water bottles and more.

Keep your child's items together at preschool and daycare with our adorable name labels. No more mix-ups or lost items. Label everything from shoes, to lunchboxes, to bottles, to snack containers and more. Our quality washable name labels have stylish and playful designs while still being very easy to read and practical. Our name labels are laundry, dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. Customize your labels today.

Many of our customers at My Name Label are busy mums and dads using our personalised kids labels to stay organised and save time. Here are some of the best strategies I've picked up from talking with them about how they keep their families organised.

It is not always easy to get family or work colleagues to follow basic hygiene rules. Sometimes they need a little help. A gentle reminder can go a long w... Shop Now Name Labels for Clothing Easily labelled. Less easily lost. You choose - iron-on clothing labels or clothing stickers, our custom clothing labels are the best! Shop Now Aged Care Labels If you need labels for aged care, respite or retirement homes in a hurry you have come to the right place. While you make your elderly parents happy we w... Shop Now Celebration Labels Design you own stick-on gift tags and thank you labels to personalise any celebration - Birthdays, Christmas, Easter or Weddings. Shop Now Labels for Childcare Starting daycare or childcare is a big step. Name labels for daycare will give little kids confidence and help make the transition smoother. Shop Now Our Story For every young mum who has a business idea they would like to start from home we hope our story provides inspiration to pursue your dream. But be prepared. You will need clear vision, business skills and dedication to achieve the work life balance you are seeking.

Summer Camp... We know what you're thinking: "I need to label E-V-E-R-Y piece of clothing and accessories that I send with my child to camp. Where do I start? What kind of name labels do I buy? There are so many options. Heeeelp!!!"

Take a deep breath. We're here to help. Based on the questions we get from our customers on a daily basis, we've compiled the ultimate guide to buying name labels for camp. We'll look at 4 types of labeling solutions and we'll assess them based on ease-of-use, practicality and price. Let's get to it.

Stick-on name labels are one of the most popular labels nowadays because of their ease-of use. No need to iron or sew on each label. With stickers, you simply stick your personalized label on to the tag of your clothing. Lots of customers ask us "Will these really stay on after a few washings?" The answer is yes, but... you need to make sure you follow the attached instructions for how to apply them. 041b061a72


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