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Ian Ramirez

Penguin Readers - Level 3 The No 1 Ladies Detec...

This fun chapter book series mixes school, monsters, and common kid problems. It's a great choice for reluctant readers, as the stories and illustrations are engaging, and the speech bubbles give the series a comic-book feel. One odd thing about the series is that the text is very large, making you think the book is for younger readers. But many of the jokes and puns will fly over their heads, putting the series at level N. (32 books in the series)

Penguin Readers - Level 3 The No 1 Ladies Detec...

All that said, it's a cute series about a girl who is trying to figure out her dream career - with lots of funny adventures along the way. Even though the reading level is a P, the large font and spacing makes it feel easier. The vocabulary issue leads me to say it's a better choice for older reluctant readers than for young advanced readers. (At least 9 books in the series)

George Brown is trying to be a better student - but he's plagued by sudden, super-loud burps that compel him to do crazy, outrageous things. The gross humor is a turn-off for me, but the books are pretty harmless and are undoubtedly popular among young boys. If you don't mind the level of humor, it might be a good choice for reluctant readers. (Currently 19 books in the series)

Marvin Redpost is a likable and relatable third grader. Kids enjoy these books, and I don't have any big issues with them - except that the subject matter (such as teasing about boyfriends/girlfriends and a dog dying when Marvin is housesitting) sometimes feels too much for the targeted age level. Probably a better choice for struggling older readers than for young advanced readers. (8 books in the series)

This is a lovely and refreshingly well-written series about a young girl named Violet and her family - including her loving new stepdad, Vincent. The book addresses big topics (moving, single parenthood, parents dating, etc.) in gentle ways. The large-ish font and lots of space between lines make this accessible as an early chapter book - despite the high reading level. Great choice for young advanced readers! Quality enough for a read-aloud. (At least 9 books in the series)

Wayside School series, by Louis Sacharguided reading level: PThis is a truly wacky series about the kids and teachers at Wayside School. It's an older series (I remember that my younger brother, now 36, loved them as a kid), but kids still enjoy them today. Be aware that the stories are outrageous and frequently very funny, but some of the stories are bizarre and a bit mean-spirited, which will be confusing for young advanced readers. Save them for third graders and up. (5 books in the series) 041b061a72


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