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With the exception of movies, a high frame rate is a great addition to most types of content. Especially, in video games, a higher frame rate can get rid of undesired effects such as ghosting and choppiness. In addition to boosting visual fidelity, high frame rates (higher than 60 frames per second) provide a competitive advantage in multiplayer games such as accurate hit detection and lower latency. The current-generation gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X, and Microsoft Xbox Series S pack in enough power to run games at 4K resolution and 120FPS (Frames Per Second). If you are lucky to get your hands on these gaming machines, here is the list of PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S games with 120FPS support that you can enjoy:



Call of Duty titles have historically been demanding on gaming PCs. The case is no different with Warzone 2. Our guide to the best Warzone 2 settings helps give you the competitive edges the best Warzone 2 players are using to dominate the map. After reading our Warzone 2 settings guide, you will be able to hit competitively high FPS and reduce latency, all to help you spot enemies fast and rack up kills too.

Seasonal XP Boost: Benefit from a season-long 10% XP boost on your route toward Prestige Master. This boost stacks on top of others, including the 10% Warzone XP boost for Vanguard owners and other boosts from tokens and favored weapons.

yesterday , the yt channel proguides and marrentm i think they explained how to warm up and they have really good maps that they recommended .For example, skovaax aim trainer (if you look, find the most updated map because i think it has been changed for the season with dragon breath shotgun) and also i think rodeys edit course is a bit dated because it only lets you use a few guns that arent in the game now like only pump and tac no charge which is what i really need to improve. also skovaax is really good because it has tile frenzy, mongraal classic, flick shots but however it doesnt have edit courses so it is just for aim. hope this helps and i recommended skovaax because i use it for my warm up for 20 minutesevery session. love the website so keep updating everything and thnks for being amazing! 041b061a72


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