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Where To Buy Hines Nuts

3. French Vanilla, 2nd attempt. TONIGHT. Substituted 3/4c unsweetened applesauce for the oil, and used 1 tbls white vinegar + 1 tbls water + 1 tsp baking soda per egg. DO NOT DO THIS!! I think this egg replacement is actually meant for instances where no baking soda already exists. 2 hours later and my mouth still has that baking soda feel to it. The cake is way too bitter/sodaish to eat, even with icing on it. On the plus side, it rose slightly better than the all-applesauce approach and the texture was more normal and not so fragile.

where to buy hines nuts

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I love the footnotes. I find footnotes to be where an author can do his/her/their greatest work. All today hit home especially #2. I can almost be certain he wasn't one who take a sick day to be home with the kid. They are the ones that give Dads a bad rap.

This piece really hit. Our oldest has a peanut allergy (we are still trying to figure out the severity, another story/another day). She goes to a nut free daycare. We bought Brach's conversation hearts for Valentine's Day. Didn't think anything of it because who in their right mind would expect chalky sugar candy to have peanuts. WRONG. She had some the other night and broke out in hives. Find out that the candy was packaged in a facility that also packages among other things peanuts. I go to the story buy a box of Valentine gummy hearts. SAME THING, so Im left with 70 packages to eat. She ultimately went to daycare with Target's fruit rolls in her Valentine's Day bags. So yeah failure indeed.

My wife and I had both been teachers for a decade before we welcomed our son, so I think there's this level of acclimation that you're going to fail every day, sometimes multiple times a day with multiple kids, before we got to our own where we learned to brush it off. Which is why it's important to start with a really big failure, like say forgetting to get your child removed from the Baby LoJack system before you leave the hospital and accidentally triggering a Code Pink when he was four days old.

Thanks for writing this Scott. It's the sort of year around here where both my wife and I signed our valentines with some version of 'oh my god two kids is so hard' so the solidarity in failure is hitting home today. 041b061a72


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