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Shokugeki No Souma Episode 2

In these episodes, Soma is fighting Mito Ikumi in aShokugeki [a food competition in which two people wager something of equalvalue] to keep Don RS from being destroyed by Nakiri Erina. They have to use beef and the theme is adon. Soma creates a Chaliapin steak donwhile Ikumi makes a roasted beef don.

Shokugeki no Souma Episode 2


Picking right back up where the first episode ended, we find Soma awaiting the entrance exam to the cooking school his father sent him to. The other candidates come from classical, fancier cooking backgrounds, and of course they look down on Soma for not being as rich or as snobby. Once the students are taken into the testing kitchen, we find out the judge will be a food critic famous for being strict and difficult to please. Everyone besides Soma goes to withdraw their applications immediately, not wanting to risk their reputations being tarnished by failing her exam. Soma, of course, creates a dish that seems basic or simple, but ends up throwing the judge into a lengthy inner monologue about how good it tastes.

Without any proper build-up, Episode 3 just rushes to the outcome of the battle between Kuga and Tsukasa, which again, was quite predictable. Just like Season 3, this one is again turning out to be more like a chore that offers nothing out of the box. To add to this, even the animation quality has somehow gone downhill in this particular episode. Till Episode 2, I was straight up having a good time with its amusing fan service moments and its shounen metaphors. But now, the series is just sprinting through its best moments and is not even offering anything mildly interesting in its storyline.

Overall, the pace of this episode was much better than the previous one but it still needs work and for the most part, even the dishes introduced in its first few moments seemed a little insubstantial. Season 4 now seems to be at a crossroads where it can simply use its old formulaic approach to just tow its way through or it can level up in its initial episodes and elevate itself over its predecessors.

A new season may be added only after the completion of the previous season, and after the new season has been announced. Once you create a new season you'll have 4 hours to add the first episode, or the season may be automatically removed.

This episode was based off of 6th chapter of the Shokugeki no Soma manga series. The manga version of the scene is much shorter, has less fanservice and doesn't have the eye-catch of Megumi riding a giant version of her Rubber Duck away from Soma.

Shokugeki no Soma (known as Food Wars in English) is a manga series written by Yuuto Tsukuda and illustrated by Shun Saeki that is serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump published by Shueisha with a 24 episode anime series produced by the studio J.C. Staff.

Yaeko Minegasaki and her assistants have a Dream Sequence of bathing in meat juice after eating Soma Yukihira's fake roast pork which they found really delicious. At the end of the episode, Erina Nakiri is seen having a Misogi. 041b061a72


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