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Ua Best Buy Scrubs Reviews

Figs (stylized as FIGS) is an American clothing company based in Santa Monica, California.[1] The company sells scrubs and other products for healthcare professionals. It was founded in 2013 by Heather Hasson and Trina Spear, who are co-CEOs.

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Hasson and Spear started FIGS using only their personal savings.[8] They designed an alternative to the common scrubs available. Initially, they sold their product out of the parking lots of hospitals, getting feedback from staff.[8] In 2013, Hasson and Spear raised a $2 million seed round so that they would not run out of product. In 2014 and 2015, they raised an additional $3 million.[9] In 2016, the Lululemon-backed venture capital fund, Campfire, led the Series A funding round, which raised $5 million.[10]

FIGS sells scrubs, other medical clothing and associated products, including scrub tops, scrub pants, underscrubs, lab coats, activewear, and loungewear.[25] The scrubs are made with a proprietary material that is antimicrobial for odor resistance with four-way stretch and pockets.[26]

All sales are online, via the company's website.[27] FIGS predicted revenue of over $250 million in 2020,[28][29][30] mostly through the sale of its upgraded scrubs.[31] The company's warehouse is in City of Industry, California.[32]

FIGS also operates the Threads for Threads program, which donates sets of scrubs to countries with limited access to medical apparel. The program includes giving trips and results in the donations of scrubs around the world.[33] By 2019 the initiative had donated over 500,000 sets of scrubs in over 35 countries.[34][35]

In the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, FIGS donated 30,000 sets of scrubs to New York hospitals Bellevue and Mount Sinai, and sent 100 care packages to health care workers every week. It contracted the production of over one million N95 masks and also donated them to hospitals and medical professionals.[36][37]

In October 2020, FIGS released a promotional video featuring a female osteopathic physician[38] in neon pink scrubs reading a book titled "Medical Terminology for Dummies" while holding it upside down. The camera then cut to a zoomed in view of a blank badge labeled with the letters "DO".[39] The video was taken down after widespread criticism as sexist,[40] particularly from female osteopathic physicians.[41][42]

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