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The History and Evolution of Jeep Off Road 4x4 Vehicles

Select models feature an available full-time Selec-Trac 4x4 System that automatically switches to two-wheel drive on clear roads for maximum efficiency or to four-wheel drive for continuous traction on snow, ice, rain or mud.

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Standard on Wrangler Rubicon, the Rock-Trac 4x4 System gives you more control and more torque, offering impressive off-road performance with a 4:1 low-gear ratio that lets you crawl at a lower speed with a greater increase in torque at the wheels.

Driving on paved roads can have its challenges as well: snow, heavy rain, black ice and hydroplaning can all tax your Jeep Brand vehicle and 4x4 system. Thankfully, Jeep Brand 4x4 systems and robust suspensions are designed to help you tame these on-road hazards.

Driving in a blizzard, snow storm or flurry can send shivers down your spine. When faced with snow, ice or sleet, you want a Jeep Brand 4x4. Slick conditions demand improved traction and added attention from the driver. On-road stopping distances can be up to 10 times greater in slick conditions. A Jeep Brand 4x4 system combined with brake lock differential, antilock brakes and traction control will help to see you through.

The Jeep Brand has built its reputation on the ability to go off-roading in some of the most remote locations on earth. Jeep vehicles offer true 4-Low modes, with super-tough suspensions, available tow hooks, available skid plates and more to help you go where others fear to tread.

Looking for the perfect thrill-seeking spots? Here are our suggestions for an afternoon of steep climbs, muddy rides, rugged roads and truly stunning panoramas of the mountainside. If you lack a 44 vehicle Colorado Jeep rentals can be found throughout the Rockies.

The Shafer Trail is an eye dropping and heart stopping trail that is not for the faint of heart. Enjoy incredible views of the Colorado River, Thelma and Louise Point, and the La Sal Mountains. If you're afraid of heights and roads near cliffs you will want to look elsewhere! Shafer Canyon Trailhead (Google Maps)

Spectacular scenery throughout the trail. Trail ends at the iconic Gemini Bridges with beautiful viewpoints and overlooks. The start of this trail is approximately 48 Miles from Moab and only 14 miles are off road. Gemini Bridges Trailhead (Google Maps)

This trail is surrounded by red rocks and is an easy well-maintained off-roading trail, only 30 minutes from Fisher Towers, a spectacular hiking trail. Be cautions of flash floods as they can wash out parts of the road. Approximately 20 miles round trip from Hwy 128. Onion Creek Trailhead (Google Maps)

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The terms "difficult" or "advanced" are relative terms but be warned that those are perhaps in the extreme, as in "extremely technical" in Moab, Utah. On these more difficult routes, 4x4 off-roading becomes "rock crawling". Yes, there's a difference! Let's put it this way: every Easter weekend Moab is home to the Jeep Safari where a parade of balloon-tired, jacked-up 4x4 extreme machines converge, with their equally insane owners challenge each other in the most extreme rock crawling obstacles perhaps on planet earth. Throughout the rest of year the same test happens again and again on these trails, only without the official parade effect. These routes are less about access to the remote scenery so abundant in Moab and much more about seeing what man and machine can achieve with 4x4, horsepower, and technique.

Big Bear Lake trails are known for their breathtaking views and pristine natural environment, but they don't only cater to hikers and bikers. Big Bear boasts some world renown 4X4 trails for exciting off-roading. Whether you're a beginner driver or seasoned hobbyist, off roading in Big Bear is a must in the summer months.

Tip: Take it slow and be courteous. Hikers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists and animals also use these 4X4 trails.It is recommended to use a 4X4 vehicle suited for rough and rocky roads when exploring these trails. Low sitting, 2-wheel drive vehicles may become stuck or damaged.

For our easy going drivers, Gold Fever Trail is a perfect starting point. Head up Polique Canyon Rd for a 3-hour self-guided tour of historic Holcomb Valley. Learn about Big Bear's gold mining history and see amazing views of Big Bear's back country. On the South Shore, Fireroad 2N10 from Mill Creek Rd is an easy drive through the forest. This is a seasonal road open from spring through fall. A high clearance vehicle is required and you'll need to check road conditions with the Ranger Station. From 2N10, you can access Bluff Lake Reserve and the famed Champion Lodgepole Trail. Get more info on these trails at the Visitor Center.

Big Bear boasts five black diamond trails and one double black diamond. These are not for the casual off-roader! On the North Shore, head to John Bull Trail for a gut-wrenching, heart-stopping, boulder crawling adventure. Make sure you have all of the equipment you need for any kind of failure, be it human or vehicle related. This trail is no joke! For a guided experience along this trail, book a tour with Big Bear Off-Road Experience. If you run into a problem and need help, call Big Bear Off-Road Recovery and Towing.

If you bought a Jeep Wrangler, chances are you're interested in off-roading. There's something exhilarating about exploring rocky trails where your Wrangler can go and other vehicles can't. However, off-roading can be intimidating for beginners due to safety concerns, clean-up, and lack of experience.

A great resource before you begin is to check out a trail guide. Many trail guides include trail maps, fun tips, and best practices for off-roading. You can also get key background information and interesting trail history. Your trail guide will give you the necessary context for your off-roading fun.

Before you hit the trails, you should determine what types of off-road trails will work best for your Jeep's specific capabilities. You should also think about what kind of off-road trail you will personally enjoy the most.

Overlanding is perfect for Jeep owners who are okay with roughing it and living off the land. Overlanding in your Jeep is not that different from standard camping. If you are comfortable with outdoor adventures and want to incorporate your favorite off-road vehicle, Overlanding is an excellent option for an exciting camping adventure

That depends on where you live. There are tons of options in every climate. You can go off-roading in forests, deserts, beaches, mountains, and muddy fields. Do some research in your area to find local spots that are great for off-roading. Your local Jeep club will be a great resource to start with this search.

Seven Springs Customs (SSC) was started in 2005 as a manufacturer of heavy duty Trail Defense differential covers, specialty drive train tools and steering components. To compliment our already extensive lines of off road products, in 2008 SSC purchased and the Complete Off Road and Discount Gearing Ebay stores and expanded into the drive train market. Although Complete Off Road was primarily focused on the early Bronco segment of the off road industry SSC has expanded into all realms of off road vehicles as well as street cars and racing applications in both the domestic and international market places.

Shine up and show them off! Bring your Jeeps, 4-by-4s, and all off-road vehicles for the annual Sugarloaf Event of the Year. There will be various categories for vehicle competitions. Bring your littles for the Sugarloaf Amerifest pageant or your dogs for their own show. Enjoy live entertainment, arts and craft vendors, food and so much more!

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One of the best ways to explore the desert landscapes and red rock scenery is to drive the 4WD roads in Sedona. These roads range from easy to difficult and take you to stunning overlooks and through remote terrain. They are lots of fun to drive and offer a unique experience if you are looking for something to do in Sedona.

To drive these roads, you will need a high-clearance 44 vehicle. For the more adventurous roads, having extra lift and/or skid plates is necessary. You can drive your own vehicle, rent one in Sedona, or join a tour. We rented a Jeep Rubicon from Barlow Adventures for 3 days. Their service is impeccable and we highly recommend them.

Below is a map of the 4WD roads in Sedona. The only route on that is not on this map is Broken Arrow since it is not on Google. However, I have a detailed map of Broken Arrow in our article about this trail.

Schnebly Hill Road starts next to Uptown Sedona and heads east. This very rough, rocky road has several interesting landmarks to visit along the drive. At the Schnebly Hill Vista, you can return to Sedona or add on the Volcanic Rim Loop. This drive is easy until you get to the Volcanic Rim Vista. The optional Volcanic Rim Loop is rated as adventurous.

At this point, you can add on the Volcanic Rim Loop. This road is 3 miles long, rated as adventurous, and rougher than Schnebly Hill Road. We skipped this experience, but from what we were told, it offers more great views over the valley.

This is our least favorite drive on this list. The road is incredibly rough, at least when we did this in April 2021. The trail is literally one long boulder field. It is not technical, but you will be jostled and rattled for almost the entire drive. In our Jeep, screw tops opened up on their own, our cooler popped open, and I ended the drive with a headache.


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