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Phil Collins - One More Night (Official Audio)

After touring commitments with Genesis and completion of work on Eric Clapton's album Behind the Sun in the spring of 1984, Collins turned his attention to his third solo album. Sessions for what would become No Jacket Required produced his conscious attempt to move to a more uptempo sound, as much of his previous material was influenced by his first divorce: "I have a notion of what I want to do: break out of this 'love song' box that I've found myself in. I'll make a dance album. Or, at least, an album with a couple of uptempo tracks."[10] Some of the songs emerged from Collins' improvisations with a drum machine, including "One More Night" and "Sussudio".[11] Collins started singing "one more night" to an attempt of making a beat similar to The Jacksons,[12] and improvised "sus-sussudio" in another. He tried to replace the lyric with another phrase but decided to keep that way, leading to lyrics about a schoolboy crush on a girl at his school.[11] Another song created mostly through improvisation, "Don't Lose My Number", was described by Collins as having been written mostly during the recordings for his first solo album, Face Value.[13][14] Collins added that he does not fully understand the meaning of the lyrics,[13] described by reviewer Stephen Holden of The New York Times as "vague, sketching the outlines of a melodrama but withholding the full story".[15]

Phil Collins - One More Night (Official Audio)

Collins first performed with Sting at Wembley, and together they performed "In the Air Tonight",[89] "Against All Odds", "Long Long Way to Go" and "Every Breath You Take", accompanied by saxophonist Branford Marsalis.[89][90] After Collins finished performing, he flew on Concorde to the Live Aid show in Philadelphia. On the plane, he met Cher, and convinced her to be a part of the event.[12] Once there he met Robert Plant, who had asked him if he would perform with him, Jimmy Page and Tony Thompson in a Led Zeppelin "reunion" of sorts.[12] He first played drums on "Layla",[89][90] "White Room" and "She's Waiting"[89] for his friend Eric Clapton.[90] Then, Collins performed "Against All Odds" and "In the Air Tonight", and finished the night playing drums for Led Zeppelin's aforementioned act.[89] The band has claimed that the performance was unspectacular, and critics place the blame on Collins. However, Collins says that "I would pledge to my dying day that it wasn't me," and that Thompson was racing through some of the performance.[12] Collins later remarked, "... I remember in the middle of the thing, I actually thought, How do I get out of here?"[12] Stephen Williams of Newsday commented that Collins' performance of "In the Air Tonight" in Philadelphia "was one of the more moving moments of the day".[63] Live Aid raised $69 million in its effort.[88] Collins later recalled the event as "extraordinary".[12] 041b061a72

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