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Buffet Clarinet R13 Serial Numbers LINK

If the emblem stamped on your clarinet has no extra markings, stamps or plaques, it could be one of the highly regarded R13 models. Check your clarinet's serial number, located on the case or on a small stamp on the back of the barrel. If the number is above 50,000, it is likely an R13. You can also look at the "A" and "A" flat keys near the top of the clarinet. If the two keys are fused onto a single joint, your clarinet is not an R13.

Buffet Clarinet R13 Serial Numbers


Buying a high-grade, professional clarinet is a relatively low-risk venture. Previous owners knew how to take care of their instruments, and older models tend to have their own distinguished characteristics. Further, Buffet Crampon R13 clarinets have been stamped with individual serial numbers since the early days of their existence.

If you know the clarinet's serial number, then you will know when and where the clarinet was produced. You can even see if the previous owner registered the clarinet with Buffet Crampon. The first letter and number are the clarinet's model. Numbers in the 50,000 range are most frequently associated with Buffet Crampon R13 clarinets.

I am an amateur musician and currently play viola in the string section of our community orchestra (I learned to play violin and viola when my daughter was taking Suzuki lessons.) My musical background was playing woodwinds. I played clarinet with particular interest in Dixieland jazz many years past and in the past 2 years have been increasingly interested in resuming that pursuit. I would like to purchase a better quality B flat soprano clarinet for my own enjoyment and to play jazz arrangements in our orchestra. I was looking at a Buffet 1947 (professional according to serial number or pre R13 model) that I was offered for purchase at $700 and was quoted a $350 custom refurbishment. The instrument is disassembled but appears to be in excellent condition, no cracks, etc. but certainly not playable as is. I have read many comments in your forum and question whether I should go for aesthetics, i.e. beautiful wood, classic appearance, or purchase a Ridenour Lyrique which you have reviewed more than favorably?! My current instrument is a fair quality R Malerne. My old Dixieland Mardi Gras parade marching instrument was a one piece bomb proof silver Pedler, but suffered what seemed like at least a quarter tone tuning difference between the low, middle and high B flats!! If you recommend the Lyrique, should I consider the basic 146 model or the pro 576BC model which is more expensive?

An excellent condition Buffet E13 clarinet in Silver plate. The E13 is the top selling student wooden clarinet worldwide. The matching serial numbers are K93795, making this an example dating to the late 1990's. All main pieces are original with Buffet stamps. There is no damage to the wood, which is in pristine order throughout. The Silver plating is excellent, with no wear. The instrument has just had a re-pad in Pisoni deluxe fish skin pads, in our workshop and is sold with our full 1 year warranty. The case is an up-grade to a BAM in very good condition. The m'piece is a stock Buffet in excellent condition.


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